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Help and advice
relating to specific illnesses and problems

There are many organisations dedicated to helping people with specific conditions. 

Talking to people who have the right experience and who fully understand the issues you are facing is essential. Below your will find a list of organisations that can help you with more specialist support with specific conditions, such as dementia, mental illness, motor neurone disease, cancer, Parkinson and kidney disease.  



Dementia UK

Go to the Dementia UK website


Alzheimers UK

Go to the Alzheimers UK website


Rutland Dementia Support Service, Age UK Leicester


Dementia, Age UK Memory Café


Rutland Hub

Oakham Tel:  01572 770324

Go to the Age UK, Leicestershire & Rutland website

Dementia, Active Rutland


Helps coordinate dementia friendly walking and swimming opportunities  locally for people living with dementia and their carers, family and friends.

Dementia, Rutland Reminders

Contact Rosemary Gooding, Rutland Reminders Administrator on   

Tel. 07779 413889   Email: 

Therapy through singing well-loved songs for people with dementia and their carer in Oakham third Tuesdays at 1030 and Uppingham second Tuesdays at 1400. Door-to-door transport if required.  

Age UK Leicester Shire & Rutland

13 High Street East


LE15 9PY

Yvonne Rawlings: 01572 823 942

Dementia Support offer in Rutland:


Mental Health / Suicidal thoughts


National telephone helpline and support by email and text. All available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

116 123



Adult/young people

provides information on bereavement, where to go for support, and suggestions for helping yourself and others through grief. Clear and accessible advice and on dealing with bereavement.


Confidential support and advice service for children and young people under the age of 35, experiencing thoughts of suicide and for anyone concerned that a young person could be thinking about suicide.

08000 684141

Motor Neurone Disease

MND Association

Stamford Branch Tel: 0808 8026262

Go to the MND association website

Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's UK

Melton Mowbray Support Group   Tel: 0344 9850225

Melton Mowbray Group Meeting   Tel:  01664 851235

Oakham Support Group   Tel: 01664 474732 or 07443621403    Email:

Go to the Parkinson's UK website


Kidney Disease

Kidney Care UK

Go to the Kidney Care UK website

Advice, support, information and financial assistance to people with kidney disease  and their families.




Go to the Macmillan website

Providing physical , emotional and financial support to help you live life as fully as you can.

Cancer Research UK

Go to the Cancer Research UK website

Advice for adults and children.

Cancer Support UK

Go to the Cancer Support UK website

Telephone groups for advice and support.

Cancer Kits – to aid recovery when having treatment.

Cancer, Rutland & Melton Cancer Support Group

Go to the Rutland & Melton Cancer Support website

Telephone groups for advice and support. Cancer Kits – to aid recovery when having treatment.

Cancer, Hollyhocks Cancer Support Group

Go to the Hollyhocks Cancer Support website

Local cancer information, including support groups.

Tel: 0116 258 6189   Email:

Cancer, Dimbleby Cancer Care Map

Go to the Cancer Care Map website

For people living with cancer

Go to the Cancer Care Map website, patients and survivors section


Heart disease

British Heart Foundation

Go to the British Heart Foundation website

Find your local support group

Go to the British Heart Foundation website, local groups section


Stroke Association

Go to the Stroke Association website

Provides advice, information, support and a translation line to people who have had a stroke and their families.



Chronic Lung Disease

British Lung Foundation

Go to the British Lung Foundation website

Helpline, Tel: 03000 030555

Lung Disease, Breathe Easy Support Group

Breathe Easy Singing 4 breathing, Corby  Email:

Market Harborough Tel: 03000 030 555